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May 13, 2019 04:00:05


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Another year of learnings. Highs and lows but it was a great year. I am too excited to be working on things that I like and want to work on.

Photo by Daniel Rigdon on Unsplash

🤩 May: New Orleans

I took a trip with one of my friends to NOLA. Great music and great food!

My friend and I ate at 15 different restaurants in two days. We would walk around the city, find restaurants with unique dishes that they are known for, and eat them together. I don’t think we ever had a “full” meal at one restaurant. I would go back again.

📹 June: Videos

I got serious about making YouTube videos again and ended up making one animation video a week for about 13 weeks. Ultimately stopped making that style videos (see September).

🤩 July: VC

This was the month we started talking and putting together materials for our next fund at M25. I was super excited to be learning about fundraising.

🌊 August: Summit & Seattle

We (M25) had our semi-annual summit with a lot of investors and founders. I look forward to the summits more than anything. I get to see and hang out with all the great founders we have invested in and meet co-investors that we co-invested with.

My friend and I took a trip to Seattle. This was the first time I ever went past Kansas towards the west of America. It didn’t rain when we were there so we had a blast every single minute we there except for the fact our flights were delayed both ways. Best smoked salmon I have ever had.

☁️ September: Uninspired

I was featured on Chicago Inno’s 25 Under 25!

This was the month I did nothing other than watch bunch of Asian dramas. Literally, I would come home, eat, watch tv, and sleep.

Don’t get me wrong everything was fine at work and life but I was just uninspired and didn’t really have anything that I wanted to do.

This was also the month that I stopped making animation videos because they weren’t going anywhere. I also realized that I wasn’t interested in making them but I was rather interested in helping to produce them.

All I want to do is bring my imagination to life.

🎵 October: BTS

I was watching an unhealthy amount of TV and needed to get out of that mindset. So, I started hanging out with friends more often, listening to music, reading, writing, looking at art, etc.,

That’s when I discovered BTS, a k-pop group. I went down the rabbit hole way too fast and saw them perform live after 3 weeks of discovering them.

A story for another day but I got scammed trying to get tickets to that concert 🙈.

🔎 November: ReHuman

I was inspired by the Re Human project by Valentin Perez on how he is developing himself in 15 areas at the same time. I wanted to try my version of that project.

You can read more about it here. In summary, every week I schedule a time to do the things that I want to learn or improve in.

🚙 December: Road Trip

My family and I did a road trip to North Carolina to visit relatives and friends. To me, there wasn’t that much to do other than hiking but I loved spending some time with everyone.

I made Urban Dictionary Random Word new tab Chrome Extension. Shows a new word every time you open a new tab on Chrome.

💻 January: Coding

I was motivated to work on a couple of side projects that I thought were interesting but ended up not finishing them. This was because I found similar products that were better and I wouldn’t be adding any value to it.

🎙 February: Storytelling

I wanted to get good at telling stories and need a place to learn and practice. So. I started taking the storytelling class at Second City. I was able to identify some weaknesses and work on them.

M25 summit took place as well!

I made Chrome Extension to show random BTS Lyrics whenever you open a new tab.

👩‍🍳 March: Cooking & Data Viz

Started taking a break from cooking different recipes at TastebudsTwist. I needed to finish all the ingredients that I have accumulated over the past few months.

Finally finished Chicago Blend VC Data Viz.

➿ April: LA & Short Videos

I can’t seem to stay away from making videos. I found a healthy way to still make small videos. Currently, experimenting with making Spotify video loops (gif style artwork for songs instead of an image).

Visited LA with friends! Some thoughts on it here.

One Month

How my time was spent last month

It is interesting to see how it changed from last year. Some observations:

Sleeping ↓

Time on health ↑

Work ↑

Added some new categories

Ending Thoughts

I have a better view of what I want to do next.

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