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Jan 10, 2019 17:52:18

23. Stereotypes

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We all have stereotypes. These are nasty things that make us think the certain way without even thinking — automatically. A stereotype can be a belief that cars only fly in the movies, that you should brush your teeth twice a day or that cheaper equals lower quality. Stereotypes can have positive effect on us or negative, or just neutral. They are patterns that are being ingrained in our brains every day since childhood. It's very easy to become stereotypical and difficult to lose them all. And while some stereotypes can be bad for us, we cannot live without accepting some things as they are. It would be extremely difficult to make every decision consciously and think critically about every situation.

Our brain is very good at making shortcuts. When it finds something that it already knows it becomes happy because it doesn't have to look for the answer again. From our point of view it means not thinking critically, not challenging the existing beliefs and just believing something automatically. That's why we hate everything new — things that change our patterns of thinking. They disrupt our beliefs and make the brain work. Good for us, but bad for the brain.

Stereotypes don't like when they are challenged by tricky questions! But some of them are so firm that they simply won't change because our brain is so energy-efficient! Have you ever wondered why pigs don't fly? Just why?! You probably automatically responded with something like, “Nobody cares, they just don't.” It's a mental shortcut your brain just made to not spend energy on something that is not very important to you. But if I asked you something more important, maybe you would think more about it. Why are you earning the amount you are earning? Why not more or less? Think about it... 

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