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Jan 25, 2019 23:18:16

24H-7D thoughts

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Do you ever feel like you have this constant thought about something for 7 days and in 24-hours? Do you choose to ignore it or act on it? Do you wish to end by force or just leave it at the back of your head? 

I guess, my answer is I ever had these kinds of thoughts even worse it happened with me for 21 days. I also experimented with my self about what and how to deal with it. 

First thing to do and also the most hard part was for me to acknowledge it. I forced my self to accept these thoughts existence. I even pictured these thoughts as a negative-human that always followed me around. It took me almost for 7 days to do it. I thought by accepting this existence, I would feel better and more relaxed. But I was wrong, It came crawling at the back of my head when I didn't anything to think or do. 

The next thing I know, I wrote it somewhere in my notes about these thoughts and tried to work on it. The way I tried to work on it was by connecting with some wise-ass friends and vented it out. Well well well. It worked the best at the first time, but I felt guilty for my friends to always looked for advice. I felt like I became the negative human that I had pictured before. 

So, I guess having these kinds of thoughts for 24H-7D is part of imperfection that humans possess. I hope we as in human, find our own way to work around it.

Accept it, Vent it out, Acted on it. Your choice.

regards 🤔

a man with thoughts in his brain

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    @fadlyzaki I started writing because of constant thoughts. It gives me an avenue to form an opinion and make it concrete.

    Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Jan 25, 2019 17:22:45
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      Good for you @itsabhinaya. I actually do it too but the writing isn't publicized like this.

       avatar | Jan 26, 2019 00:05:19
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