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Jul 24, 2019 23:21:06

24th July 2019

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Craig Petterson

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After work today, I attending a meetup in Liverpool. Tech Nomads X Code Up Liverpool.

They event itself was quite good. The setup, hosts, etc were early days, so there were a few teething issues, but they did a good job and I enjoyed the evening. It was the first event I had gone alone too, without someone else from work. I actually mingled a bit more, which was great.

The talks were:

  1. Word clouds with Python
  2. Serverless
  3. Inclusive Code

They were all very well presented. Kudos to them.

I stayed after, had a quite length chat with one of the speakers before heading home. I got home late.

Before going to the event, however, I got the glorious news that my house is in utter shambles. The work we were waiting for the plasterers to complete had begun, but needed to be postponed.

An electrician came today and apparently our entire house needs rewiring. It's going to be a huge job that requires knocking through walls. Thank god we've only wasted the price of a plaster for a single day. Imagine if all this work was done, the bathroom was done, the decoration was done and we had moved in before know this... and THEN it all needed doing.

Hopefully, we can rescue the flooring, but it's possible we may need to redo the walls, floors and redecorate every room. We wanted to decorate the living room, the master bedroom and move in...

@brandonwilson - sweat equity, eh?

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    @craigpetterson Welcome to home ownership :)

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 24, 2019 18:46:02
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