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Jan 14, 2019 08:38:21

25. Perfectionism

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Perfectionism always had a huge effect on my work. It has always been a part of my process, and it affected all of my works as a designer or developer. And I've had a ton of projects where perfectionism was the driving factor of my work. Now you might say, “Wow, your works must be very good!” But did you notice I didn't say I “made” those projects? So the answer is I don't have any completed works at all, because I never finish them! Well, I'm exaggerating a bit, I do have a couple of works, but they were only possible because I consciously let go of perfection and finally managed to finish them.

Perfectionism is a bitch!

It's especially difficult when you have no deadlines/set them yourself and you can spend as much time as you want working on a thing. But you don't realize that you actually do have limited time! The time is limited by all other cool things you want to do and your lifetime, of course. That's why most of my works are never finished. Here I outlined my usual process:

  1. Find the project idea, start working, optionally set a deadline.
  2. After some time realize that you are working on it for too long.
  3. Become stressed, tired, embarrassed about still not finishing it.
  4. Miss the deadline if there was one.
  5. Become too tired of the idea so you don't want to work on it anymore.
  6. Ditch the project. Find other project to work on.
  7. Repeat.

So in this case there are two possible scenarios: you either never finish the work, or you miss the deadlines but manage to finish with the “ok” work that you don't want to show anyone.

How to fight perfectionism

Does this story sound familiar to you? Being a perfectionist for my entire life, I found several techniques that help fight it. I'm still struggling to use them, but they may help you too. I'll be writing about them in the future posts. I'll leave you with only one advice for now:

Just ship it!

If you have any ideas on fighting perfectionism, please share! ❤️

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