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Jul 29, 2019 23:08:49

29th July 2019

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Craig Petterson

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Whew, I've left things I bit late this evening.

I was due to have a call with a client this evening, but they didn't answer. So, I prepared for my run. Although, I ended up skipping my run in favour of a long walk with my partner. I still want to run, even now. It's gone 11PM.

I then had a call with a member of my Fixathon team. If you haven't signed up, then I'd encourage you to do so!

We've got a plan for how it's all going to work. Our models, which tables and classes, which columns and attributes, even some ideas for methods. Since it's going to be a mobile app, we're splitting into a front end and a back end repository. I have never worked on a project split up like this before, so it will be a big learning curve. I've also never really built a mobile app at all, but neither have any of us really - we'll be learning together.

Now it's late and my habits have been a bit out of sync, I'm blasting through them to catch up. Duolingo next!

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