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May 18, 2019 18:11:58

3 decisions that control your life

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Brandon Wilson

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Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. --Tony Robbins

I am fascinated with how our decisions and habits direct our lives. I recently watched a video delivered by Tony Robbins (before the big news storm broke) and want to summarize his topic.

There are three key decisions that control the outcome of your life.

1. Do you focus on what you have or what you're missing? Successful people focus on what they have. They practice gratitude. Unsuccessful people focus on what they don't have. While it's good to dream big and focus on the end goal, one needs to be grateful and appreciative of where he or she is.

2. Do you focus on what you can control or can't control? Successful people focus on what they can control. Unsuccessful people get distracted by things they cannot control. 

3. Do you focus on the past, present, or future? While it is good to remember the past and the knowledge and experience gained, successful people focus on the present and also on the future. Unsuccessful people focus too much on the past while life passes them by.

The big takeaway for me is that once again it comes back to focus. Where you direct your mind is where you will go.

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    @brandonwilson True, thanks for writing this post. Very helpful if we remind ourselves these 3 points if we ever get distracted.

    sx avatar sx | May 21, 2019 22:43:45
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    @brandonwilson - I think society, culture, religion, experience and family/friends heavily influence these three things. Knowing that the mindset has an impact and focusing on what can yield better results is a goal worth working for.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    Keni avatar Keni | May 20, 2019 14:55:07
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      @keni You are right. If you don't program your mind, you will be stuck with the programming from everyone else.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 20, 2019 12:06:56
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    @brandonwilson Love the 3 decisions! Simple to understand and to put into practice. Practices of gratitude, acceptance, optimism. It seem to overlap somewhat with the growth mindset concept too. Have you heard of it?


    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | May 19, 2019 13:28:17
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      @jasonleow Thank you sir! Yes I have, and I can see the overlap.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 19, 2019 07:29:20
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