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Dec 27, 2018 14:47:10

31-day Streak 🔥

by @wernminlim | 330 words | 🐣 | 85💌

Gene Lim

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Today marks my thirty first streak of non stop in writing 200 words a day on this platform which is equivalent to one month of non stop writing. In this article, I will be writing about my experience of writing 200 words a day.

Overall, I have actually written 33 post in total but I have lost my streak after the third day of writing because of too many things to do and event to be at on that specific day. So I took 2 days away from writing before restarting my streak once again.

I always start my writing before bedtime. I will get on the bed, turn on the laptop and start to write. The ideas of what to write will usually be what I have been through on that day or what I thought is worth writing 200 words within the day, which is also the reason for writing during my bedtime. Doing it like this has its disadvantage too. Sometimes I do feel too tired or sleepy after a long day but since it has now become a habit for me now to always write and to maintain the streak, I have not stopped since then. Honestly I can't believe that I have reached this far either.

The timezone for this platform is set to follow the Zurich Timezone, which is an advantage for me who lives in Malaysia because the closing time to publish will be at 7 in the morning. So even if I publish something after midnight, it will still be counted in my streak.

Did writing 200 words a day actually improved my writing? The answer is yes, it definitely did. I have learned to spell a lot of words correctly, searched online a lot of words I may not know the term at first, do a lot of thinking and also gain habit of continuous writing everyday. I would not say that my grammar has improved significantly but I believe that with more writing, it will be improved.

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