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Mar 27, 2019 07:33:08

360 feedback

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Janne Koponen

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At work, I wear multiple hats. During the years those hats might have been changed, but the multitude of them have mostly remained constant. As I get rid of one, there is already a new one waiting for me to wear. I have my hands in many of our operational areas as well as in our internal development.

While I like it that I'm able to contribute in so many different areas sometimes I feel like I should focus more on fewer of them. I can't get deep enough in any of them while I try to keep myself up to date trying to remain relevant on all of them.

That's why I started actively collecting feedback from the people around me, in every direction. To gain gain understanding of my workings. I want to know the expectations of those I work with. Where I have succeeded and where I could improve. What are the most important and valuable ways I can contribute?

In my position it's not exactly easy. It's not just couple of people above me, few of my peers and my team. I touch the daily work of so many people I feel like I should ask this feedback from way too many people to get a proper view.

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