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Jan 26, 2019 06:57:27

37. Who

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G̷͕̳͝l̴̨̟̏̃̆̚e̷̳͇͖͑̔b̴̞̱̦͕̼͇̔̽̀̽͒ ̸̈́̆͒̀̉ ̵̨̪̈́̒Sa̴͇͊b̵̨̅͆i̶̖͑̄r̶̩̘̊̒̕z̷̟̀͑y̴͚͉̎͘à̸̃͜ͅn̶̤̲̜͊͐ỏ̵͈͔̑v̴

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Besides indecisiveness, there is another reason for perfectionism I know of. Have you ever heard a voice in your head that tells you that you are not living up to your potential? The voice that tells you that you are not good enough, that you are not working hard enough, that you don't know enough? This idea makes you imperfect, and if you are imperfect — you suck. Of course, it's never enough for some of us, but you don't have to bully yourself in order to become better. 

It may be difficult to stop this voice, just because it is not actually yours. It might be a childhood memory, an effect from the previous job or even a result of hustle porn. So in order to remove this negative voice and stop aiming for perfection which you will never achieve, you need to find where this voice is coming from. Just keep calm for a while, meditate, sit in silence and try to understand, who is telling you that you are not good enough. 

Once you understand who that is, it will be easy to get rid of this voice. It's important to realize that as long as you keep going, you will keep getting better.

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