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Jan 27, 2019 09:14:32

38. Conscious

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One thing I find very difficult to do with perfectionist mindset is to become conscious of it. I usually get a problem and as soon as I know a good solution, I will go with it. And then I will get stuck and it will make me conscious that this solution is too complex and for my minimum viable outcome I could've done something much simpler. It's like taking a plane to the city which is not very far from yours. And I do it all the time with everything I work on...

Becoming conscious is not easy: I realized it just a week ago and yesterday I made this mistake again and wasted good couple of hours trying to figure out something I could've simply avoided doing in the first place. I don't usually ask myself if the solution is simple. “If it works — it should be done,” I think most of the time. But what I should do is ask myself, “Could this solution be simplified? What would be the simpler approach to this problem?” And more often than not, I would find the solution! It will be not that great, but if it still works for the goal I have in mind — I would rather keep it simple.

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