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Apr 01, 2019 07:47:58

4 qualities of people who write at 200wad

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Martin tissier

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I was reading some posts on wad200 and trying to figure out what are the common points of 200wad writers. 

And I think there are :


 we are all trying to improve ourself, since 200wad is a form of engagement to take an habit and keep it


We are all keen on innovation. 

Using a smartphone to write a lot of words every day is not so natural. I think 70% of the population still prefer the good old pencil.  And I think people use more smartphone than computer to write since it's  a habit you take on the train, subway transport (maybe I am wrong) 


We love all exploring and trying new things.. I think some of us has discovered 200 wad on product hunt, and we sign in at a point when nobody knows it. 


We are all resilient, since people who post once and disappear are not staying in the community, only the most resilient remains.. But I Think we are all thinking about ourself as non resilient since this is an habit we have to take. 


On the socio demographic aspect it seems there is far men then women and the average age is low, maybe 25.

I think it's linked with the place where it start, but I am sure by doing an intuitive smartphone app, and promote it widely, there would be more women, since women are more likely to write every day about their feelings.

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    @martintaice Great perspective! And I do fit your description :)

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Apr 01, 2019 14:25:12
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