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May 23, 2019 22:45:13

4. The way to become a barista

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This post is Part 4 for "The way to become a barista" as my exercise to meet my epistemic curiosity. I would like to try to learn and gain something not shallow but cumulate and weave the knowledge over the week by writing a series of posts.

The load to Barista Champion

Today, I will research about barista. My wife told me one interesting guy, who tried to be a chef and became an apprentice in one famous restaurant. But, what he did was just cutting oranges throughout a year. Then, he noticed one of his colleagues was the world barista champion and asked him to teach how to be a barista. A while later, he himself joined the competition as his master recommended, he won the barista competition instead of becoming a chef. Although I did not know the detail or accuracy of this story, this story is interesting and encouraging enough for me to get started to research about barista. 

Barista: clerk or contestant?

I actually assumed the barista is a kind of sommelier for coffee, who are professional about not only the taste of coffee but also sharing relevant knowledge with customers, serving the best selection of suitable coffee with sweets, etc.  

However, there are two types of barista: serving a coffee at a coffee shop or contestant at the barista competition. I was more interested in the latter one this time and curious about what they really compete. If you are interested in becoming a barista at a coffee shop, here are the steps to follow–"How to Become a Barista With No Experience"

World Barista Championship

According to the wiki, this competition composes of multiple tournaments to select the best barista out of 55 national barista champions. What barista compete is as follows:

  • present 15-minute routine to serve 12 drinks (4 espresso, 4 milk beverages, and signature beverages) to each of 4 judges.
  • judges evaluate:
    • taste
    • balance
    • presentation
    • technique
    • cleanliness

To understand actually how to become a barista champion, I may need to research what a few champions have done to win the contest.


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    @hiro Wow! Champion Barista! There are so many possibilities I never imagined. We live in interesting times.
    Thanks for sharing.

    - Mike

    Mike Byrnes avatar Mike Byrnes | May 24, 2019 08:48:24
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