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Jan 31, 2019 05:44:22

40. Start

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“How did she know English so well? She must have spent a lot of time learning it.” 

I know a lot of people who want to learn a skill but never start. They think it will take too much of their time. They see it like they will be studying for a half of the day while actually they'll study just three hours per week. It could be seen like a huge obstacle because it's something new and unknown. We all experience fear of unknown which is not too relevant in our time. Actually, it's not a big obstacle. 

People say you have to spend ten thousand hours on something in order to become an expert in it. While that might be true, you don't have to become an expert. Not even close to one! You could say, “Okay, but it won't be fun this way.” Maybe. But it certainly won't be fun if you don't even start! If you are struggling with starting something, don't aim that high. Start small, learn the basics first and then move on. You can spend just 20 hours and already lay some of the foundation. It's not that hard. 

“One day I will do it...” 

This day will never come, because you can't do it in one day. Instead, you have to do it every day but just for one hour or thirty minutes. Maybe even not every day but other consistent intervals of time. If you consistency and persistence are the key to achieving what you want.

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