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Jul 04, 2019 23:50:43

4th July 2019

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Craig Petterson

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I planned to write some Brighton jibberish this evening, but I’m not even sure what to say.

We finished work around lunch and headed to a Korean place called Chop Chop. It’s literally the smallest place I’ve ever seen. You can’t eat in, only take out, but their food is delicious. We got the Katsu Mega. Bosh. 

After the light stroll in the sunshine, we headed back to work to sit on the roof garden. Enjoying the sun with our tasty noms.

After lunch, we headed to Tesco to get some drinks for the train. A cheeky 2 for £5 offer on a 710ml bottle of Corona, along with a small can of Flamingo Colada. Have I ever mentioned I love Pina Colada? So good!

Once lunch was over though, it was difficult to go back to work. For a start, I had already turned off my computer. Whoops. It’s a good job there was a few minor issue to help other people with, mostly related to features I had implemented.

Once we left work, then we headed to the train station. A multiple stop journey isn’t too bad when you have company. It’s kind of awkward dealing with a group of 6 on trains though. They’re mostly 4 seat groups. I’m always the outsider. 

Once we arrived at the hotel, we sorted food, headed down the beach front before skipping some stones and heading back. We gathered in a room - which was upgraded! - for a chin wag and some final beverages before heading to bed to type up my day.

Brighton Ruby conference is tomorrow. I’m going to be up for a 7am run before hand. Urgh.

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