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May 24, 2019 17:13:03

5. A barista contest

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This post is Part 5 for "A barista contest" as my exercise to meet my epistemic curiosity. I would like to try to learn and gain something not shallow but cumulate and weave the knowledge over the week by writing a series of posts.

Actually, this post is overlapped with the previous post since I wrote about a  barista contest briefly.Therefore, I need to change a bit of my course of the direction. 

Although there are slightly different version of World Barista Championship like Brew Cup Championships, Roaster Qualifying Competition, There seems to be a variety of coffee related competition as below.  Let's see other types of contest.

Latte Art World Championship 

Latte Art World Championship must be visually attractive. By google images search with the key words "latte art competition", there are lot of astonishing art on the coffee e.g., phoenixgalaxy, a 3D cat is jumping to catch a fish in the pond on the next cup

The last one is so impressive. The cat is not just a 2D picture on the coffee surface, instead, it is formed up as a 3D cat. In addition, that cat is jumping over the next cup where fish swim. 


Tasters Championship

Tasters means a sort of blind tasting to test a human sensory skill for coffee in my understanding. US  Cup Tasters Champion had an interview.


Photo Contest

Cofee Photo Contest sounds like a more of a photographer contest, not barista. However, a barista always should also care about the presentation and how the clients view thier served coffee. 

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