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Nov 28, 2018 13:43:29

5. Conjecture

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— Everything is possible, you just have to be willing to put work into your goals.

Marketing and alchemy aside, let's get into the truth about the phrase that I've probably said too many times already. By the way it's not pure repetition — I refine it every time. Let's think critically here. 

On one hand, this statement is simply based on the observation of the way people achieve their goals. It's like a rule of thumb, "If you work hard, you will achieve good results". On the other hand it points out the limitedness knowledge and abilities of humanity at the moment by challenging the disbelief in everything we considered impossible before thus making us more conscious about the beliefs we have, stimulating us to think critically.

Is the phrase subjective? In this form, probably yes. The second part is non-definitive as we can't for sure say if an individual is willing to put work into something or not. We may ask a person, but it's up to them how to act no matter what their answer is. The willingness of a person only depends on how this word is perceived. However, if we remove this part, which is only necessary to give some sort of direction on what to do in order to achieve the "impossible", the phrase will be completely objective, "Everything is possible."

While it is objective, it doesn't have to be true, right? And it is not false either. Then what is it? It is undecidable. There is nothing that could prove or disprove this statement... yet. And it will be only be possible to prove or disprove it once we get knowledgeable enough, but in fact, if we gain all the knowledge. Therefore I would say that the phrase "everything is possible" is a conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information — a conjecture.

P.S. Please, correct me if I'm wrong in my logic and ideas, I'm still learning.

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