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Oct 01, 2019 22:35:41

70-year time progress bar

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It's the 70th anniversary of the founding of my country. I'm proud of having shared 25 amazing years with her, and expected for a even brighter future. 

This year I've made a special gift for my mother land, the People's Republic of China. The core of the gift is a 70-second animation of a time progress bar which each step represents one year per second from 1949-2018.

Not until I made decision to produce such a short video (extended with background music and simple scripts) did I realized how time works on this magic land.

The most representative event with the impressive history photo of each year was collected through the internet. While I was searching one by one from the news, the results changed gradually from black-and-white to colorful. Whatever the fuzzy or the high-resolution pictures, the highlight moments were recorded not only in history but also in people's memory.

After editing all of them into one time progress bar stepping forward year by year, I was filled with gratefulness. A picture is worth a thousand words! I'm proud of being one the child born under such a peace and lovely sky.

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