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Dec 05, 2018 17:23:14

8. Work

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How do you regularly find generous work that scares you? This expression so precise that you can't remove a single word from it and you can't add anything. Let's break it down word by word:


Generous work that scares you won't find you by itself. You have to seek it. While it's possible to do such work without knowing about it, it's much easier to not. Therefore be conscious about what you are doing, live in the present.


The work you do should be generous, because otherwise it's selfish. It shouldn't be directed inwards yourself. However, it doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of yourself and do everything only for other people. But doing generous work for other people will likely result in reciprocity therefore bringing you a lot of value.


The word "work" looks pretty straightforward. It means doing something for the specific result. And it's important to understand that doing work is not equal to being busy. You can always be busy but never achieve any results because you just too busy, and that's a bad habit that needs to be broken. Working is harder than being busy.


Introduces a relative clause. The sentence just wouldn't make sense without it. Very important word yet it's meaningless on its own.


It doesn't mean that if you have arachnophobia, you should start work with spiders. Just go out of your comfort zone. Scaring yourself means trying new things, getting new experiences. It means learning. Kill your self-doubt if it's the only thing that's stopping you. You probably already know that a lot of barriers are only in our minds.


Yes, you. You should do this scary generous work. You are the one responsible for that. Nobody else in the world will be able to do it for you, unfortunately. And, fortunately, you will be the one who gets those benefits of learning and doing generous work for other people.


I left this word for the end, because it summarizes everything. It adds a time boundary to scary generous work — it should be done regularly. Not one time, not ten times, but regularly. It should become a habit. A habit of coming out of your comfort zone, a habit of learning, a habit of helping other people, a habit of working and achieving the results, a habit of becoming a better version of yourself with every piece of work that you do.

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