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May 04, 2019 22:53:59

9. Career - what are you spending time doing?

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"Bobby, look at the beautiful model fire truck Santa Claus brought for you!"



"Bobby, do you know what you will do when you are grown up?"

"I want to be a fireman!!"

"He's so sweet."


"Bobby, can't you run faster? You're not fit for the team, boy."


"Hi, can I sit here?"


"I'm Alice. Nice to meet you."


"How's the calculus class?"

"Just listen and you'll know soon enough."


"Adleman! Congratulations on your degree! Your distinction is well deserved."

"Thank you, Sir."

"What's your plans for the future?"

"I've applied to NASA, Sir."

"Excellent choice. The best of luck to you, Robert."

"Thank you, Sir."


"Mister Robert Adleman?"


"This door, please. Mister Fletcher will have a few words with you in his office."




"It's Bob! You won't believe it, I've been promoted!!"

"Woow! I'm so happy for you!!"

"Yes!.. You're talking now to the new head of Solid Propellant Research Department at NASA!"

"Fantastic! How about meeting tonight at Charlie's to celebrate?"


"Mister Robert Adleman, sit down please."

"Thank you."

"Could you tell us when you started to work on Challenger and in which capacity?"

"I've been working on the Space Shuttle program since the beginning of the 80s."


"So, how did it go?"

"Not too well, Alice."

"Do you want to meet tonight?"

"I think I'll stay here by the fireplace."

"I'm coming with a bottle. Don't be hard on yourself, Bob. You know that it wasn't your fault. You warned them, for God's sake."


"Charlie, can you turn up the sound please? It's about to start."

"Relax, Bob, there's still 10 minutes to go. But ok, I'm turning up the sound."

"30 years, Alice, it's been 30 years."

"I know! I'm sure today will be a magnificent success, Bob."

"Look at it. Of course I still love you. Beautiful, isn't it?"


"Alice, do you have a lighter?"

"Here you go. Why do you need it for?"

"Just lighting a candle. It's the first anniversary today."

"Hmmm... I'm sorry, I don't see what you're talking about!"

"My retirement. It's been a year."

"Oohhh. Ok. Happy retirement, Bob. How has it been so far?"

"Not too bad, Alice. I have some big plans and I'm making good progress. You'll see."

"I look forward to it, Bob. It's good to see that you're still on fire after all these years. Cuppa tea?"



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    Wooooooooohooooo!!!! @philh
    So fucking smart! AND funny
    but... has HE
    so seriously retrained???
    WHY did you think about this particular, painful, piece of the history???
    So fucking smart...

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | May 05, 2019 17:23:32
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      @lucjah Thank you :) <3
      It's not this Robert Adleman, actually I had no idea there was one famous Robert Adleman 😬
      It's just Bob, and then I had to add a name, so I picked up this one as a tribute to RSA 🤫😝

      PhilH avatar PhilH | May 05, 2019 18:59:57
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    @philh 🚀

    Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | May 04, 2019 23:26:00
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      @danielmiller 🙏

      PhilH avatar PhilH | May 05, 2019 14:42:46
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