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Apr 10, 2019 22:46:40

A farmer or an empire ?

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I read a story when I was a little child: a farmer was an empire after he falls asleep every night. The most unbelievable thing is his night-empire-life are continuous by the time. When he told other farmers about this experience, people laughed that he must feel sorry for himself of the heavy and exhausting farming job which is the true reality instead of being an empire at the same time in dreams. Surprisingly, the farmer denied that he was happier being a farmer because he pretended being an empire is the true reality and being a farmer is his dream.

Both the farmers' parallel dreams and reversed altitude towards reality and fanaticism impressed me years ago. Does the story try to argue that through your life is tough you could live in your dreams instead?  Or you could be supported by your unrealistic dreams to go through the upset real life? 

I think the story is about how to deal with the huge gap between dream and reality: you need a bridge to connect the gap to live both well. The farmer didn't bother by the gap by reversing the two, then he would pay more attention to enjoying the fantasy other than complaining of how tough the true life is.

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    @5plus6 I remember something like this in Inception. Where a bunch of guys were paying to live in a continuous dream state, because it was much better than reality.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Apr 11, 2019 00:25:35
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