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Jan 22, 2019 15:42:30

A haircut from a bald barber

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Brandon Wilson

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Would you get a haircut from a bald barber? I have, but only because I'm pretty much bald myself so I don't have much to lose. But for people who have a full head of hair, do you judge how good a barber or hair stylist is based on how they maintain their own hair?

Would you choose a doctor who is morbidly obese or exhibiting other signs of poor health? What about a personal trainer who is out of shape? A financial planner who you find out is living paycheck to paycheck?

There are lots of people out in the world offering services or solutions. Unfortunately, some of them do not have a vested interest in the solution to your problem because they have not experienced it and overcome it. These people are mixed in with the true professionals who are masters at what they do. So the question is, how do you tell whether the service or solution offered by someone is going to meet your needs?

You can't go by all the marketing materials, which will portray the services in the best possible light. You can't go by reviews or testimonials unless you know the source because the reviews could be fake or staged. You can't even judge on price because without a reference point you don't know the true value being offered.

In my next post, I will discuss the methodology that I use to determine which professionals I trust with my personal information and wellbeing. 

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    @brandonwilson - Nice piece. I know exactly what you mean.

    I will choose the barber/doctor that I can trust and more importantly, allows me the control over myself. No one knows your hair/body like you do. ?

    Keni avatar Keni | Jan 22, 2019 13:39:47
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      @keni Exactly. You have to trust the person, and that will only happen when you interact directly with him/her and judge for yourself.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 23, 2019 01:39:05
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    I have been cutting my own hair for the last 10 years.
    It's easy & fast, just like shaving. The money and time saved from a $10 tool are nice pluses.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Jan 22, 2019 17:08:22
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      @RealNegotiator I tried this but always ran into a problem with the back of the neck and getting an even line back there. Nowadays I do go to a barber just for the relaxation and pampering. I used to shave in the shower and try to get it out of the way quickly. Now I like to treat it as an experience, and I have a completely different method. Perhaps this is a good topic for a future article.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 23, 2019 01:41:13
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      @brandonwilson Yeh, I get that. That's a big factor these days in the modern barbershop. The Pampering. That's why it's one of the hottest businesses going today and landlords fight to get the good ones, just like they used to do with DryCleaners when all men wore suits.
      I hold a mirror in one hand and the cutter or scissors in the other. My back always looks good.

      Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Jan 23, 2019 12:27:15
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    @brandonwilson I think I would get a haircut from a bald barber, but your point is well taken. Due diligence when selecting any vendor is important, however, decisions cannot be made based on track record alone. For instance, when selecting an SEO provider, you need to understand their methodology and approach, not simply their ability to deliver shiny short term results.

    Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Jan 22, 2019 16:17:45
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      @jeffriddall I agree it comes down to the trust factor.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 23, 2019 01:41:40
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      @brandonwilson People dealing with people - human 2 human...

      Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Jan 23, 2019 16:32:05
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    @brandonwilson I'd get a haircut from a bald barber. Specially if he's bald by choice. Now that's style! Tattoos on the scalp for extra points!

    Pedro Wunderlich avatar Pedro Wunderlich | Jan 22, 2019 16:10:05
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      @novangles Tattoos on the scalp--that sounds painful!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 23, 2019 01:41:56
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