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Dec 16, 2018 14:52:46

A letter to my son on his Birthday

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Gene Lim

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To my dearest son,

Today is a very special and important day for you. A day where you have grown another year older. It is your birthday and here goes nothing, Happy Birthday to you! 

I wish you happiness always. Even though this year we are thousand miles away from each other and not being able to physically celebrate your special day with you, I am still celebrating with you by eating a slice of cake for you. I can feel that you will do great with your friends, cousins, relatives, grandparents, aunties, uncles and most especially your beautiful and loving mommy. She has done so much to make sure that you will have a great party today.

I saw there was a Minecraft themed cake made specially for you, water balloon bombs and snow sprays to play with, a pool party all the birthday event and uncountable presents to tear open. Your mommy has shown me pictures of them. All the efforts that she put in are priceless and I know you loved everything that she has done.

We may be faraway for now, but my love for you will never change. In fact, it only grows stronger and stronger each day, hoping for the time to just fly by fast to the day we will meet again. I miss your loud voice, I miss your naughtiness, I miss your smile, I miss your kiss, I miss everything about you. I will always be here for you no matter what and to support you in this life.

You being our son has made us the happiest people on earth. I hope in the future when you read this letter, it may mean something meaningful for you. Anyways,  once again, Happy Birthday my baby love. Don't forget to catch my flying kisses from miles away!


Your Extremely Awesome Dad

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    @wernminlim are you sure that slice of cake is for rayne ? ;)

    Kim G avatar Kim G | Dec 19, 2018 02:20:29
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    @wernminlim Happy birthday to your amazing son. I hope you meet sometimes soon and tell him a person from Macedonia said Happy Birthday.
    Среќен Роденден мали, да си жив и здрав, и секогаш насмеан!
    It's "Happy birthday little guy, i hope you are well and healthy, and always smiling" (It has a better meaning in our language but give him this message from me, i know he will like it :) )

    Berkan avatar Berkan | Dec 16, 2018 17:42:28
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      @berkan Thank you so much for this reply! It means a lot and I will definitely mention this to him!

      Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Dec 17, 2018 13:41:35
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