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Feb 20, 2019 12:19:58

A paper-made standing desk

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The first time I saw Oristand's paper-made standing desks, I thought it's not hard to make it myself with used mail boxes.It sounds fun and I start immediately following next steps.

#1 Search online shops to find if there are better alternatives. As expected, a majorty of collections from a plastic fixed shell to an electronic automated multi-shell desk are sit-stand solutions. Still, oristand desk is the best one: cheap in material, flexible in sit-stand change, handy in movement.

#2 Understand how a oristand desk is made up. Pity is that oristand has been closed forever in 2017, though there is a paper-made desk just like it in amazon($28) diagraming detailed size. I look closely to figure out which kind of paper should I chose, not too thick to be heavy or too thin to be stable.

#3 Do a little experiment with a tiny model. How could a light enough paper-made desk be stable for a computer and a keyboard? I took a A4 paper and resized the desk into a 6*6*6 model. The light model looks like so fragile that it can't stand anything.Surprisingly, it's still for a big pen and a  eraser on it at the same time because of the well designed structure.

#4 Pick up a 40*40*40 box and just do it. Unfortunately, there are not ready-in-use mail boxes suiting in size, so I ordered one online. Now I just can't wait!

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    @5plus6 - are you still using the box stand?

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 14, 2019 06:46:33
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      @brianball Yes! And it's awesome!!!! The actual size is 35-35-35 cm (because I'm short).

      One day, I moved my stuff to another office, so I folded this desk in one second and tucked it away under my arm. I felt I was so cool!

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 14, 2019 22:55:11
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      @5plus6 - haha.. that is very cool. I did a little research and oristand doesn't seem to be still selling from oristand.co - but the video I found looked simple enough -- just not simple enough to keep all the competition at bay.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 14, 2019 08:16:42
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      @brianball There is a similar one on amazon, about 29$. My self-made one only cost 0.5$ and 30 minutes -- and very strong to hold my keyboard and PC.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 14, 2019 23:26:45
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      @5plus6 - any pics?

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 14, 2019 08:51:02
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      @brianball sure. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hefsyyx2zh8wr92/AAAByN8RzBOPa1J1gaAoPJsta?dl=0

      My classmate said, "It's just a standing box." haha, but for me, it's the best desk (my magical desk is the second best).
      It helped me successfully stick on Pomodoro Timer.
      It taught me a lesson: "No matter what happens, I own my desk. I can leave in a second, I can work in everywhere. "

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 15, 2019 13:14:58
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