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Jan 14, 2019 14:14:34

A path

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Raphael Botelho

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He grew up in that cave. He learned how to make fire with the stones found inside, he learned about all the plants that grew inside.

He didn't really wanted to learn that. Why couldn't they take him outside to teach? Aware that, someday he would need to get out and, everything he learned wouldn't really be useful, he just asked himself 'why'.

Finally, the big day.

He would need to choose one of the many paths leading to the lights, to finally get out from the cave. The boy was very afraid, but the older ones told him it's no big deal. He would be able to manage himself out there, they all did.

The boy knew that, if he chose the wrong path, he would have to live by it. Every single exit would lead him to a different life. He needed to take the decision of his life, young as he was and only with the knowledge he had, which he knew wouldn't be very useful outside.

He always heard some of the older ones saying that if they chose the X path instead of the Y, they would have been so much happier... Because of this, the boy felt a huge pressure in order to choose the right path. He wanted to be happy!

At the end, he only chose the path he went because he heard someone say it would be a great path, that he would be happy follwing that way.

Should we blame the boy? He never learned a thing from inside the paths. He only saw the light from the outside and heard what people said. How could he, as young as he was and with the knowledge he had, truly know what he wanted?

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    @raphaelbotelho never too late to change. It will be hard in the beginning.

    Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Jan 14, 2019 15:16:41
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      @itsabhinaya Thanks! Glad you understood.

      Raphael Botelho avatar Raphael Botelho | Jan 16, 2019 02:03:41
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