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Dec 11, 2018 16:45:25

A Strange experiment i tried

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In order to be productive people have always searched and researched offline and online.

Back in the days when there was no internet, many people read books that fascinated them and tried to get the most of the book, with the search for the answer of how to be good at something.

Nowadays people are searching for productivity hacks and how to be a better entrepreneur, marketer, writer, product maker etc.

So i also researched online and both offline (books) on how to be more productive and here are the results.

To be productive many authors and speakers say that you will need to start NOW, not tomorrow not the other day, but now, and to create a habit of things that you want to better at. It's like 200WordsADay where you are creating a habit of writing to become a better writer.

While that might be true, and i am totally aware of that, creating a good habit is always good.

But what i found out was that even if i did everything to be better at something i was doing this strange thing that always kept me busy when i needed to be productive.

The strange thing was called "watching porn".

Having a bad habit like watching porn and masturbating was the reason why many people are not being productive, are always acting shy while approaching someone and they are lacking self-confidence.

The experiment that i tried was not to masturbate as much as i can and to forget on the porn. And the results were that i lasted 5 days without watching porn, and i actually started 200WordsADay. Today is the day where i am starting #nofap again and i believe i will make it till 31 days without porn.

Having sex is totally Ok but masturbating on your own is very bad. So if you start to feel very good and attractive to people, it's totally Ok to approach them and if you close the deal, well close it. It does not count as you stopped #nofap, it's actually the positive result of #nofap.

There is a huge movement of #nofap on Reddit and everywhere online, so Google it, and give it a try. Believe me, it works like magic.

Here is to #nofap and today i am committing to this strange experiment again.

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