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Jul 16, 2019 16:12:42

A Summer near Westcity -- 9

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Jackie hits up Christian even though he has enough bud to last him until and through the weekend. 30 minutes later, a diesel VW Jetta pulls into the one-lane driveway, and a tall -- very tall, almost 6'6 -- guy who looks too old to be in college but too improper to be a dad pops out of the car and looks carefully in all directions before entering the brick house without knocking.

Jackie's in the living room with the game playing, the volume on medium-low. He says hello in the signature Jackie way, offering a cold can of Busch Light. 

Christian leaves an hour later. As soon as he's gone, Jackie feels a sense of void. The thoughts come rushing in. Thoughts he knows can be drowned out if he were to just turn the television volume up to high and grab another cold Busch Light. He stares out the window watching the diesel Jetta drive away asking, what had happened in the past hour. Where were all his hours going? His days?

He'd been given the day off. Finally, some time to breathe, he had thought. So he bought a fresh case of Busch Light and cranked the music up, excited to enjoy the day. But soon he was restless. That's why he had called Christian over. But how long can you keep your dealer over after the transaction's been made? The two got along well, but they weren't... friends.

Jackie downed what remained of his current Busch Light, went upstairs to grab a small backpack, and loaded a couple more inside of it. And then he left the brick house and headed off towards the university campus. 

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