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Jul 18, 2019 14:35:08

A Summer near Westcity -- v2 -- 2

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I ended up at Shook University, not a great school, but closer to 'great' than it is 'not bad'... of course not 'not bad' said in the head nodding impressed way, but the literal utterance of it.

My friend who's dad drank Busch Light and worked with his hands ended up at a pretty bad university. I can't put my finger on why it wasn't considered a good school, but we point to anyone who had gone there to study or make something of themselves. The only examples of people who had gone there had been kids who chose their college based on what kind of people they wanted to get drunk with.

Shook University was no different for me, but I was absolved from the same stigma my friend had to go through since SU was still a decent school. So there was that cherry on top of all that beer drinking.

I don't know why, but the love of beer is very strong in Midwestern universities. I remembered in high school people liking beer, but something happened once you put thousands of unsupervised kids onto a small area. They came to love beer. I could see it in the way they touched the cans and bottles. The way that all of their tales involved beer in some way... it was important that beer be involved in a great college story. Now that I'm a little older, although still in college, the love of beer has become less a love and more a need. A need for beer. All the magic of beer is gone, but I still drink it everyday. Sometimes, when I'm drinking a tall cold boy, I'll rub some condensation off the surface of the can and ask, do I even like drinking this stuff?

Once college started, I hardly saw or spoke to my friend at the pretty bad school. I don't think I saw him until sophomore year. By then I'd stopped drinking Busch Light as my default and was on PBR. I was surprised when he visited me at SU. Surprised that he was surprised that I no longer drank Busch Light. Although he expressed his suprise by saying he wasn't surprised. I'm not surprised you're drinking PBR now... and wearing Deep V Necks.

I drank a lot of Busch Light that weekend. On Sunday morning, my friend went back to his pretty bad school. He looked barely awake when his friend came to pick him up. I said hi to his friend, who didn't look like someone who I'd be friends with. And after my dorm was empty again, I thought about that.

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