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Jul 19, 2019 15:31:36

A Summer near Westcity -- v2 -- 3

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Because Jackie has so many girlfriends, it's like he has none. No girl is particularly the one, and at the same time all of them promise some potential future. Jackie's heart floats around in some nebulous of commitment and affection, and at the same time: flexibility and precariousness. Growing up, I never questioned the idea of womanizer as pinnacle of male achievement. But now that I see a player... no... understand him... it doesn't look so appealing.

Don't get me wrong though, because being a player isn't the worst or even close to the bottom. It's better to be a player than how the majority of guys end up: stretchless droughts of celibacy, splooging into socks and Kleenex tissues while watching pixels dance around a screen. Such conditions can turn a guy into the worst type of animal, the hungry lion with a broken leg.

We get along so well, because although he has more girls in his life than he can handle, while I have none, we have a mutual feeling that's rare to find in another dude our age around Shook University. The satiation of romance. The state of mind where no new fling is desired. And so even though he has many girlfriends and I have none, we both share this lack of hunger for any more.

We also drink a lot of Busch Light.

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