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Jun 03, 2019 18:26:45

A thing my GF hates about Poland

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Bad, weak, coffee. Haha. 

I think that America is blessed by the high amounts of coffee addicts and life-hackers it has. When the unification of both traits happens, then you get so much high quality coffee at a cheap price that you really take it for granted. 

Thank Capitalism. Sometimes, I love capitalism. You can get great, cheap, and toxic-free, coffee for a cheap price without having to toil in the sun or doing all the other kind of labor. 

But then someone always brings up, well somebody has to do all that stuff. Labor, truck driving, retail, packaging. But they say it in a guilting way. But often times, that person will be sharing a cup of coffee and a long leisurely lunch with me. 

One time I was on a trip for political activism and my friend found a medium-sized poster that had an illustrated pyramid. At the bottom were the least desirable and most dangerous jobs, and at the top were the most boujee. The header for the poster was Capitalism is a Pyramid Scheme. Back then we laughed at it in an agreeing way, but still didn't feel it's trueness.

Now I feel it. Capitalism truly is a pyramid scheme. It's a game of leverage: leverage by those with power to get somebody else to do something they don't want to do but results in further leverage.

The only thing I've been contemplating is an alternative. I feel like people aren't wrong when they say capitalism is a pyramid scheme,  but this design of leverage has been a long time coming. 

Should we reverse time and go back to the old ways -- which was just a more local and less algorithmic version of a pyramid scheme -- or do we march forward towards a world where we no longer leverage someone to do undesirable jobs and instead leverage something.

But then people will always complain about their jobs being replaced. 

We truly were born to die. But born to die by our own doing. 

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