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Mar 15, 2019 14:13:42

Access to awareness, then hold youreself accountable

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"The process of behavior change always starts with awarene."

The quote is from Atomic Habits by James Clear which I began reading this month as a scientific guidebook for my lifestyle changing experiment. Yesterday I read the story about Pointing-and-Calling which make Tokyo railway system the most reliable one around the world. 

It's an interesting confliction that how powerful our brain is to predict information from the complex external environment without self-awareness, meanwhile, how useless our brain is to transform such unawareness into something measurable.

David Wallets points out that "the most obvious ubiquitous reality is hard to see and talk about." So is our daily routine. We are hard to score it in detail to answer whether it helps us to become the kind of person I want to be. Though we are easy to be motivated, negative behaviors under unconsciousness influence us more. The transformation from unstable invisible unawareness into accessible measurable self-control is hard to achieve. 

James recommends a practical way: habits scorecard, a brilliant improvement of pointing-and-calling in personal habits system, not only list out your habits (pointing-and-calling) but also score them to reminds you how they contribute to your daily life and future perspective. It's a combination of awareness and judgment, so you could get general ideas of your current situation and hold yourself accountable.

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