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Sep 24, 2019 23:34:30

Algorithms To Live By - Review

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One of the books I have been recommended to by many people, but never caught my attention until recently when I was facing some struggles with choosing indie hacking projects to work on.  I recently heard an interview with the author and became interested to dive into the book. So far, I'm finding it really helpful.

Here are my notes of what I've read so far: 

Many of the struggles we (as humans) face on a day to day  basis are problems that have already been solved and optimized for  machines to tackle. Some examples are "how to be able to confidently  make the right choice when making an offer to purchase a house when you have not seen all options available within the time allocated and the  ones that are available at present may not be so by the time one has had  the chance to explore all the options".  Same thing for dating or  hiring the best candidate.  It seems that every time we encounter the  same problem we try to re-invent the proverbial wheel.

What  are the lessons we as humans can learn from the algorithms followed  by machines, which have actually been proven to be mathematically sound  and optimal?

How much more can our decisions improve  if we leverage these algorithms and apply them in our own daily lives;  instead of starting from scratch every time we encounter the same  problem?

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