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What is alignment between who I am and what I do? If I were to represent it on a piece of paper, I wouldn't draw a line between the two. Alignment is best represented with a circle.

When you work on what you love, it feeds your enthusiasm, then you work harder and it all adds up. Throw in just the right amount of fun and you obtain a virtuous circle called a passion. A roller coaster loop that will propel you to the most exciting aspects of life, that's what alignment is.

At first, fear and self-doubt will prevail. It's only temporary. There is no more transcendent feeling than overcoming hardships. It quickly becomes addictive. As soon as boredom presents itself, you just have to go on a new adventure.

All you need is a trigger. Someone's love, an inevitable fate, the call of glory, a morning cup of coffee. And a clear direction - truth. Truth is both the path and the destination. Love fades away, money vanishes, fame burns out, but truth forever remains.

When you reach a state in life where you are thoroughly excited to wake up, clock in, and share with others the fruits of your labor... that's what winning at life is.

There is no time to waste. Alignment won't come at you, you have to start walking to stumble upon it. It's an introspective work, the result of countless hours of research and repetitive practice. Alignment, or as other people call it, happiness, is a fundamental human desire. The one you can spend your life looking for with confidence.

In a sense, looking for alignment is learning to die. It's the assurance of a day well spent, the answer to the ultimate philosophical question: why do we live?

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