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Jul 16, 2019 22:30:19

An observer

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If someone's habit is associated with family memory, it would be a lifelong behavior, even though not a career.

Which of my habits is the one associated with family memory?
Being an observer.

I'm the third daughter of my parents who have four children of similar ages. 
Being ignored in the chaos is my childhood (and that's why My Childhood is my favorite book).
The room was so small, the adults were so busy, the kids were so annoying, people's attention was limited to the matter in hand, the kid in arms, which was not me, of course.
So I was so free to observe them, adults, kids, and how they interacted with each other.
I watched like they were characters in the books.

Then undoubtedly, I grow up to be an observer.
Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I'm the drop of oil in the water, floating around but never be the part of the whole.
It's not a fear of socializing or something else, just my second nature of collectin information in the way as if I was the third one.
Because I know I'm not the center of the world.

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