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Apr 20, 2019 22:44:21


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We love animals.

I grew up with animals my whole life. At my Dad's, we had a poodle called Penny. Later, my sister got a cat which lived to an old age of 18 before sadly being poisoned (we believe accidentally, from a puddle of petrol - perhaps a story for another time).

At my Mum's, we had an array of dogs. Truth be told, I think they were probably a bit much for my Mum to look after. Eventually, we settled on a gorgeous black labrador called Kia, who lived to be about 15. She passed away recently, but she was a fat pudding. My favourite dog.

We also had many other animals, the usual; cats, dogs, fish, hamsters. We also had a tarantula and a chinchilla. We have many stories.

It was natural that we would love the zoo. Nay and I are members at Chester Zoo now. We went there again today. Perhaps a bad decision considering the glorious sunshine and the school holidays. We also had visitors with their young daughter.

When we move house (which hopefully will be very soon - we want to enjoy the sun in our new garden), we'll be getting our own dog. Though, we want to be careful. We've lived in a flat with 2 cats for a long time now. We want to make sure we have what it takes to take care of a dog with our schedules. I think we're going to look into short time fostering before committing to our own. Maybe we'll foster for life. Who knows?

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