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Jun 21, 2019 06:42:33

Annual topics

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After writing for years daily I have noticed there are certain occasions when I write about the same topic every year. I could probably create a calendar for those dates and just check from there if there is something I should I write about on any particular day.

Today it would say "write about midsummer" as that is what today is. Other occasions would be things like Christmas, new year or my birthday. Well, those are already on the calendar, so I don't need to do anything about that.

So I should write about midsummer today? Do I really want to follow this pattern? At least not today. But there will be other days before its over. So perhaps tomorrow or day after that you will be able to read about midsummer this year as well.

Sometimes there is something to write about those dates. Sometimes they are easy topics when nothing else pops into my mind. But after all, it's not a necessity, so if I don't feel like it, I don't write about it.

And now I feel like I wrote about midsummer after all. By not writing about it but writing about not writing about it. So in a sense, this is a midsummer post anyway.


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