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Mar 30, 2019 23:12:13

Another relaxing day

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It's Saturday today, another relaxing day, which means I do nothing routine other than writing in 200WaD.

I woke up an hour later than usual and spend most of my time communicating with others instead of doing my work alone though with other people surroundings. It seems that I ignore myself today as ready to serve others, listen to others and help others all the time. Just one selfless day wouldn't give me much pressure and it's a better way to spend weekends compared to blocking myself into entertainment on the Internet and eating alone. Maybe it could be my new regular from now on.

The toothache recently reminds of eating too much on the weekend as the way of relaxing. Once I read some wrote about we are disconnecting with our bodies for against the feedbacks from our body signals. Thanks for my toothache, drinking waters, changing from sit-stand, eating healthy control my life back. Meanwhile, some of the learning habits I  thought would help me a lot but against my health condition are quit. They succeeded in a short-term run but failed for a long-term journey.

What matters most is I set a buffer area in my life. Every moment I am excited to do something immediately, I wait. For example, a plan to be put off tomorrow, a common to be sent one hour later, a person to be reconnected next week. Buffer area let me calm done to filter the information I really need, the passion really maintain.

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