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Dec 24, 2018 23:28:24

Arrival at the Video Store

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The video store. When we arrived, it was exactly as I imagined, yet I myself still felt out of place and surprised, like I was in a novel setting that I’d never experienced before.

When we arrived, there was nobody at the front desk. A bunch of papers lay scattered on top of it. And there was also an iPhone, a detail I particularly remember because the phone had begun vibrating soon after we’d walked through the door.

I walked over to the desk to glance at it without even thinking about what I was doing. And that’s when Jordan grabbed my shoulder. But I saw the picture that appeared when the phone called from a certain Jeannie H—. I couldn’t catch the full last name. The picture though was of an a girl my age, probably the front desk guy’s girlfriend.

Jordan and I took a moment taking in the atmosphere. The tall aisles filled of videos. These were really tall aisles, taller than I ever remembered them. We stepped inside one of them, and I felt like a kid again.

I wanted to make a comment about this to Jordan, but just as I was about to, I figured I’d just let her take in the experience. Not only her, but to also just allow myself to take it in as well, because I already knew it at the time, although I hadn’t consciously admitted to such, that I was in the middle of an experience that would affect me.

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