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Apr 24, 2019 18:09:12

Article Ideas

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Craig Petterson

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Following my post yesterday, I thought I would share some of the article ideas I have listed on my Trello board.

As with all blogs, I was planning to write a number of articles, but the time never came. Other ideas and plans took precedence. 

I'm planning on releasing an article based on Anne-Laure's (@anthilemoon) 101 side projects, listing my own projects. I'm in the editing draft stage. I planned to do it when I returned from my holiday, but didn't.

Here are my Trello cards:

- Remote: arguing the case for remote in my current work place.

- Setup and Deploys: sharing how I setup and deploy my Rails apps using Digital Ocean, Nginx, Puma and Capistrano.

- Transparancy, not inclusion: about (but not exclusively) meetings and how I hate them.

- Speeding up deploys: how I fixed our deploy time from 20+ minutes to just 45 seconds.

- What I've learnt doing side work: kind of self explanatory.

The perpetual carrot: how much is enough and where will we stop?

- Anybody can code: hopefully I'll motivate someone thinking of starting.

Plagiarism is rife in tech: and that's okay...

- Backlog is a scrapyard: forget about old, dead issues and focus on what's relevant.

- The Power of Habits: I talk about habits a lot, so it was a natural fit.

- Upgrading (Rails) Gems: tips and tricks for managing your Gemfile.

Does it need to be complicated?: forget complexity that doesn't matter, focus on "boring", understandable code.

If any of these articles take your fancy. Let me know and I'll consider doing it next!

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