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Feb 10, 2019 22:00:50

Atomic Habits

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On my epic 32km run today I finished almost the entire Atomic Habits book from @JamesClear

Here's my takeaways 👇 #200wordsTIL


His high school story about catching a baseball bat with his face almost made me cry. It's hard to run when you're holding back tears.


Habits, even small ones, have compounding effects. Change happens slowly then all at once.


Two good ways exist to build habits:

1) Intention setting

2) Habit stacking

Both rely on removing ambiguity.


Intention setting is when you start your habit like this:

I will _____ every ___ at ___ am/pm for N periods. When I succeed I will reward myself with ____. If I fail, I will have a negative consequence of ____


Habit stacking relies on attaching your habits to existing habits. I clean the kitchen every day after dinner.


Habits that change your identity are lasting.

❌ "I won't eat cookies after dinner"

✅ "I am the kind of person who doesn't eat cookies after dinner"


You have to show up before you can optimize. Small habits first.


Avoiding failure is more important than creating success.

100 to 150 is a 50% improvement.

150 to 100 is only a 33% loss.

When you fall off the wagon, get back on right away.


Unlearn habits that no longer serve you.

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