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Feb 22, 2019 23:06:02


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OK, tomorrow I said I always write my posts the last minute just before midnight. 

Today I try to write a little bit earlier (I am at work alone so no one watching me haha) ... Unfortunately, no success, haha. So again the last minute post.

I have been to boxing today and guess what my black eye is even bigger now. Fortunately, it's a weekend so it can heal up a little bit until I will go to work again. Now it looks the worst I am like a serial killer hehe. Maybe I should take a little break from boxing I need to recover.

Anyway, Friday at work was super chilled. I have spent more time just browsing endlessly on the internet than actual work (my boss wasn't at there). I kinda checked again the Australia work and holiday visa and I think I could make it. The only problem is that this year is my last chance. So I must apply now cuz of the age limit. 30 is the upper limit so I must think fast. Will keep you informed. I am not sure about it maybe I just try to apply and will see what will happen :).


Hopefully, I will stay with 200WaD so stay with me. Efran. 

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