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May 15, 2019 20:02:13

Automation makes life easier

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I was reading some articles on Indie Hackers the other days, I found some products share the same underlying idea -- automation. To give a concrete example, let's says we want to a domain. If the domain is unowned, we can easily buy it on godaddy.com. However, if the domain is owned by someone else, this becomes tricky. We know a domain will expire one day, we can look it up online using website like whois.net. If the owner of the domain forgets to renew the domain, we can buy it when it expires. The most straightforward way to do it is to set up an alarm mid night on that day, when the domain is available, buy it immediately. Although this sounds stupid, I found a lot of people are actually doing it in this way.

Park.io was built to automate the above process. On top of that, I found a lot of scheduling services and automation services were available as well such as Buffer is used to plan a head for your posts on social medias, Zapier is used to automate the manual works by leveraging the some APIs(Gmail, Twitter, Trello etc).

So what services or things that you wish to be automated?

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