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Apr 29, 2019 08:06:37

Avoid Evasion

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Haider Al-Mosawi

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Most of life's problems grow because we look away from them, hoping they will simply go away. Health problems don't appear out of nowhere. They are often the result of a series of bad choices, where we looked away from the consequences our choices would lead to and the direction we are heading in, choosing to focus on the pleasure of the moment.

Financial problems grow in a similar way: we look away from the problem, and the problem becomes worse and worse. We fail to take identify the root cause (or causes) of our problem or take corrective action to fix it.

What makes evasion the more appealing choice in the vast majority of cases is that we bundle observation with the obligation to take action. If we know what the problem is, we must do something AND that something must work.

The responsibility becomes too difficult to bear. Success isn't guaranteed and the uncertainty brings with it the prospects of failure.

So we choose to look away from the very beginning rather than wrestle with such difficult thoughts and emotions.

If you feel like you're being evasive, it may help to separate the steps:

1) Observe without judgment

2) Act without expectations

3) Evaluate without guilt

You may realize that simply observing the problem and acknowledging its existence alleviates a huge chunk of the mental agony you're experiencing, making it easier to take action and evaluate it objectively.

Evasion erodes our confidence because we know there is something we need to face but aren't mustering the courage to face it.

Face your fears and you'll often be surprised by how much you managed to turn paper tigers into frightening monsters.

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