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Aug 31, 2019 23:43:59

Awesome August Wrap-up

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At the end of July, I wrote about how I'm going to make August awesome. This is going to be a quick wrap up on how that went...

Complete what I'm calling "Awesome August", which is making my spreadsheet 100% green. I attempted this in for Flawless February but wasn't quite successful.

Tomorrow, I'll be updating my open habits page with all of August's information. It isn't completely green, but I think I've done well. August is super green, right up until we started moving house. Other priorities took over. It was no longer a priority to make the spreadsheet green - sometimes we just needed that quick, take-away meal or exercise could be left for another day.

Read, every day. I'm currently in the middle of Company of One, but I've not read anything in several weeks. Once I've finished Company of One, I'll read Shape Up by Ryan Singer, of Basecamp.

I did succeed reading every day. Every day that I took the bus to work that is. Some weekends I would read an article or listen to a podcast. I finished Company of One by Paul Jarvis and started reading a book I got on sales from Zombies Run! Next month, I'm starting Shape Up, as planned.

I would say this was a completely success.

Up my exercise to 4 times per week. I've been running 3 times per week for a while now. I want to mix it up a bit, so I'll try something new, but still run at least once per week.

After a discussion with Brian. This idea got demoted from exercising more to continue the consistency of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Unfortunately, that didn't happen either.

I'll brush that off and get back on track now I'm settling in.

You can't win them all.

Eat healthier. I have eaten incredibly poorly recently. Time to sort this out!

This was going so well until last week. I had the odd blip, but I mostly stayed on track. That's how it should be. Last week, with all the fast food and quick meals, this went out of the window a bit. Another thing I'll have to bring in line once more.

Lose weight. I'm pretty close to my target, but I've been stagnant for a few months now.

I usually weigh weekly. I've almost certainly gained weight this week due to the previously mentioned recent diet. Other than that though, I've lost 5lbs this month! Winner, winner!

Participate in Fixathon. I have a team project planned, but I wanted to do a solo project too. I'm not sure the latter will happen though.

I did participate in Fixathon, but we didn't submit our progress. There was nothing to show. We were super close to having something worth showing, but just didn't prioritise the tasks enough throughout the month to finalise our MVP.

There were some minor disagreements, mostly about the definition of MVP. We didn't need to make certain tweaks, but there was some resistance to working on something we were going to change again later.

I think the only reason we didn't complete is because there were too many cooks.

Our website design is sick though, and there was more changed to come.

Progress on The Cake Pays. I started this in January, but never made any significant progress.

I didn't even look at The Cake Pays this month. I was convinced that I was overwhelming myself with tasks. This, as always, was truly the case.

How was your August? Was it as awesome as mine?

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