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Jul 08, 2019 07:44:02

Back on schedule

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Janne Koponen

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It's been only two weeks, but it seems I have already forgotten my normal schedule. At least partially.

Even after not having to wake up to the clock I haven't slept too long on most of the mornings, as usual. But I haven't woken up too early either. No 6 am jumps out of bed. Despite, today I was up five minutes before the alarm.

But then, I didn't remember what time should I leave for the train. I had to check it out. And that was actually a good thing as I found out my regular train has been cancelled during the summer time. So if I would have just blindly followed my normal schedule out from the memory I would have ended up waiting fifteen minutes at the station.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything else, anything more important. But I'm sure, even so, it will all come back to my mind soon enough. I have just packed all that info away during the vacation and now it's time to bring all that out again. 

That's actually a sign of a good vacation. I really haven't given a thought for any work related stuff during these two weeks time.


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