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Dec 25, 2018 15:53:09

Back to memory lane

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Gene Lim

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I remember those days where technologies are not widely used such as computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, and tablet. Those were the days where we will go out to the nature and play around. Thinking all about the pass of how much has changed takes me back to memory lane on how I grew up.

When I was still in primary school, I remembered that my aunty will give me 10 cents for school. During that time, that amount of money is sufficient enough to buy foods in the canteen. After school, my aunty will pick me up from the school gate with her motorbike. She will then send me to my uncle's house so that she can go to her work. In my uncle's house, simple food will be prepared such as tomato egg rice. It is one of my favourite food. After lunch, I will go outside the house to play with the chickens. I will chase them around, especially with the little chicks all day. I will also play with worms and snails. My uncle's house is surrounded by vegetables and fruits. There are okras, eggplants, rambutans, mangos and jackfruit. Those fruits that are growing, we would wrap them with newspapers to avoid other creatures to eat it and to make sure that it will not drop to the ground when it is ripped.

If technology doesn't exist, I believe that I will still be doing those things, maybe skip the chicken chasing part though and grow my own chicken farm.

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