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Apr 15, 2019 22:03:23

Back to work

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Craig Petterson

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It was weird going back to work today. I've only had a week off, but those 9 days (including a weekend either side) have been great. I've felt like I've got a lot done, even though I didn't really.

The slow, chipping away of my personal task list has done wonders for me though.

Is this slow chipping that I'm trying to focus on, but I really need to focus on the main feature of The Cake Pays this week. I've been putting it off and messing with design and user experience. I think they've made great strides, but it's all for nothing if there is no feature to experience.

At work today, I spent a lot of time focusing on relationships. Due to a lot of factors, I've been segregating myself from the rest of my colleagues; using Slack less (or not at all), turning off emails for extended periods of time, being aloof because I don't agree with the way some issues are handled. I've even turned off notifications on all apps for a long period - and not just at work.

It's time I took a good look at myself.

I want to rebuild these relationships.

My aim now is to connect more.

This week, I will;

- launch my premier feature for The Cake Pays.

- rebuild my relationships.

- think about 2019 Project #2

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