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Feb 02, 2019 12:56:49

Bad Morals

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Haider Al-Mosawi

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While "morality" may sound like a dry and academic subject to many, it's a very practical topic that shapes our lives, in both good and bad ways. It's what allows us to navigate the decisions in our lives. 

Many people assume that immorality is the absence of a moral framework. However, most immoral acts are done in the name of a moral framework that is based on destructive beliefs and values. It's not that bad people don't know what is good, but they believe (often strongly) that bad things are good.

Bad morals have an impact on all our lives, on the personal and global level. We may be the victims of other people's bad morals, or we may be the victims of our own bad morals, leading us to cause harm to ourselves and others.

What are bad morals?

They are principles that lead us to do harmful things or fear doing life-enhancing things, on the assumption that they are bad.

Bad morals can be the result of destructive religious beliefs, unpleasant experiences that lead us to project our hurt onto others (usually in the name of fairness), and many other ways in which we misunderstand human nature and what we ought to do.

Parents can be extremely rigid in the way they raise their children based on the assumption that's what's needed to cultivate discipline and prepare their children for their lives as adults. But this rigidity often causes more trauma than support.

The same "moral" attitude can be adopted in schools, the justice system, and in international relationships, where one party acts harshly towards the other in the name of discipline, when compassion and understanding often release a fountain of positive human qualities that would otherwise not be expressed.

Just because it feels right doesn't mean that it's right. 

Just because we assume something works doesn't mean that it does.

We need to be willing to question our assumptions about morality and not to adopt bad morals, which lead to suffering in the name of morality.

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