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Feb 13, 2019 09:11:46

Basic rest-activity cycle. What the time is the best for productivity? My experiment.

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Chronobiology is a field of biology, that examines periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms in time. These cycles are also known as biological rhythms. 

The most popular biological rhythm is circadian rhythm (it's 24 hours, the change of night and day). Also, there shorter (ultradian) and longer (infradian) rhythms exist. 

Some of the ultradian rhythms are famous too. For example, the sleep cycle. It's when non-REM sleep is changed by REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. 

So, does exist the same phases when we are awake, when we oscillate between productivity and non-productivity time? 

Nathaniel Kleiman is the father of modern sleep research. He was a physiologist and sleep researcher and Professor Emeritus in Physiology at the University of Chicago. He and his students made a discovery REM. 

The first half of life he devoted time to discovery REM. The second half of life he focused on BRAC. 

BRAC (basic rest-activity cycle) is the cycles of oscillation between activity and rest, where the time of activity is 80-120 minutes and time of the rest is 15-20 minutes.

At the first half of the cycle (the time of activity) we feel alert and focused, then we feel tired, while our body is preparing for the first half of the next cycle.

It sounds good, but BRAC is just theory. Not all scientists agree with this theory. Researches about it are still continued.

If you read my articles before, you probably know that it's important to know yourself to spend time productively. 

BRAC is absorbing theory. Sometimes I notice that I am extremely focused for one hour and then I'm a bit tired and after resting I can work again. 

I want to provide an experiment with myself. I'll try different times of activity and rest and keep a diary where I'll write when I'm tired and when I'm focused. I want to find the best time of work and rest for me.

If you want to know yourself better or improve your productivity, you can join the experiment too.

I'll write about the results on the next week. I'll start the experiment tomorrow.


If you feel fancy, you can read Nathaniel Kleiman's article about BRAC.

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