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Mar 03, 2019 16:12:06

Be Warm Blooded with your Goals.

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Warm blooded animals maintain a temperature dictated by their internals no matter the external surroundings. If the external temperature gets too high or to low, the internal mechanism of the warm blooded creature will employ processes in order to attempt to maintain this basal temperature. If the external temperature gets uninhabitably high or low, the warm blooded creature will die trying to get to its basal temperature.

Cold blooded animals have no internal processes to regulate its temperature. Instead they can only deploy externally based strategies such as hiding under the shade, or stretching their bodies out as wide as they can. These strategies are not nearly as effective as warm blooded internal processes, yet thankfully they don't need to be. Cold blooded animals can survive in a more flexible range of temperatures than their warm blooded counterparts.

I'm trying to pursue my goals in a warm blooded way. I want to intrinsically go after them, perform the routines that get me there, no matter how the surrounding environment might be. When I decide I want something, then I want to actually go through with it no matter what, even if I don't feel like it at times. If the human body needs to be around 98 degrees F at all times, it will stay around 98 degrees F at all times no matter the route.

If I say I want to submit a short story to a fiction journal on March 11, then I want to do everything to make sure that that happens on that day. I don't want to change my plans simply because the environment changes. If the environment changes so much that it changes me internally -- fever -- then sure I can live with the March 11 goal not happening. But if I truly am being warm blooded with my goal, that should be an enormous shift in the environment the likes of the Cambrian explosion.

I have mostly been cold blooded with my goals. Whenever the environment shifted, my internals would change with it to match it. 

But I can't control the environment. I used to get mad at the environment. Why isn't it conducive to my goals? Why are people not the way I want them to be? 

I was stubborn for a long time. Until I realized that you can't actually ever change the environment by changing the environment. You can though change yourself. You can choose to be warm blooded. And because of entropy, the warmth will spread. 

But you cannot create warmth in the environment. Only within yourself. 

So be warm blooded with your goals. With your life -- which is the ultimate goal. Be warm blooded and let your heat spread. Do not ask what warmth the world can provide for me, but what warmth I may provide the world. 

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